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Thrive in the OP  is a series of on-demand courses designed to empower you throughout every stage of your dental hygiene career. In addition to the courses, Thrive in the OP  includes weekly live coaching, a private community of like-minded professionals, and resources for you to elevate the standards of care.

Amber Auger MPH, RDH, designed this curriculum from her  17 years of clinical, consulting, and corporate coaching in the dental industry. This program is designed to equip dental hygienists with the tools they need to implement the latest science with a business-minded approach for a practical adoption chairside.

Thrive in the OP™ is for you if...

  • You are looking to maximize your career

  • You want to increase case acceptance and optimize patient outcomes

  • You struggle with time management

  • You want to be apart of a community of RDHS who celebrate one another's wins

  • You want learn how to optimize your patients insurance

  • You are looking to learn the practical application of science both chairside and in home care products

  • You want to learn powerful communication techniques

  • You're interested in becoming a top producer for your practice

What Thrive Members are Saying

"Hygiene Friends: sign up for Thrive in the Op™ with Amber Auger RDH, MPH. I can't begin to tell you how much her platform has taught me. It includes live coaching I ask her questions almost every day and over 30 on-demand lessons. She literally helps you personally cultivate your career. So grateful for the Thrive community and her guidance. Bonus: You are a Thrive member for Life." --- Nikki Ettner, RDH

"I found more confidence in myself"- Candace Weaver, RDH

I wish I had this course available to me when I started in dental hygiene 15 years ago. Thrive In the Op™ is filled with nuggets of wisdom that any practitioner can benefit from—from the new graduate to someone like me. Amber has helped me better understand the financial aspects of the business of dental hygiene. Heather M RDH, CDA

Course Curriculum

Once you've purchased the course, content is available immediately.

  • 1

    Thrive in the Op®

    • Welcome to Thrive in the OP®

    • Workbook #1

    • Thrive in the OP® Code of Ethics & Workbook #2

  • 2

    Weekly Live Coaching

    • Private Facebook Community and Weekly Live Links

    • Replay - Live Session with Susan Cotten: Oral Cancer Screenings

    • Replay - Live Session with Janine Bouchard: Financial Wellness Assessment

    • Replay - Live Session with Omari Bernard: Corrective Exercise Specialist

    • Replay - Live Session with Dr. Sam Shamardi, Periodontist

    • Replay - Live Session with Kandra Sellers: Medical Billing

    • Replay - Live Session with Alicia Murria: Dental Technology

    • Replay - Live Session with Michelle Strange: Infection Control

  • 3

    Job Searching

    • Where to look for Employment/ Resume Writing/ Social Media

    • Successful Interviewing: Clarify the Role and Benefits

    • Paid Working Interviews

    • The 3 Levels of Interviewing

    • Networking: The Key to Achieving Goals Quicker

    • Written Offers and Negotiation

    • Workbook #3

  • 4

    First Days on the Job

    • Mentorship and Collaboration

    • Communication with Doctor and Team

    • Communication with Patients

    • Confidence in the Chaos

  • 5

    Time Management

    • Twenty to Thrive

    • Time Management

    • Why Reappointing the Patient is Essential

    • How to Reappoint

    • Clinical Notes/ How to Create a Template

  • 6

    Workplace Environment

    • Non-Violent Communication

    • How to Identify a Toxic Workplace Culture

    • How to Rise Above Office Drama

    • Changing the Culture of the Practice

    • When to Move on From the Practice

  • 7

    Business of Dental Hygiene

    • Why Numbers Matter

    • Review KPIs

    • Review Morning Routine for Productivity

    • Daily Chart Audit

    • Best Practices for Coding

    • Entrepreneur of the Op™ - Replay Access

  • 8

    Personal Finances

    • How to budget

    • Liability insurance

    • Disability Insurance

    • Renters Insurance

    • How to Pay-Off Loans

  • 9

    Case Acceptance for Periodontal Disease

    • Perio Case Acceptance

    • Case Acceptance

  • 10

    Insurance 101

    • When and How to Use the D4335 (Full Mouth Debridement)

    • Insurance Narratives for Periodontal Disease

    • D4346 Gingivitis Code

    • Why Insurance Denied your Claim

  • 11

    Cultivating your Career

    • Benefits of Hobbies

    • Benefits of Exercise

    • Overall Health: Mindset

    • How to Diversify

    • Ergonomics

    • Continuing Education

  • 12

    Thriving in Life

    • Self Awareness

    • Overcoming Disappointments

    • Healthy Balance Between Career and Home Life

  • 13

    Thrive in the OP® Resources

    • Thrive in the OP® Resources

    • Thrive in the OP® Time Management

  • 14

    Thrive in the Op® Downloads

    • Compensation Letter

    • Daily Audit Sheets

    • Medical Referral Form for HBP

    • Premedication Verification Form

    • D4346 Patient Signature Form

    • Perio Diagnosis Patient Signature Form

    • Perio Acceptance or Refusal Patient Signature Form

    • Interprofessional Communications Form

    • Media Release Form

Pricing Options


  • What are the benefits of Thrive in the OP™?

    Thrive in the OP™ was created to meet you at every stage of your career. When you leave school, you can feel like you are on an island. We provide solutions for you to truly maximize your career. The membership is designed to support you with all of the clinical and business skills you didn’t learn in school. Additionally, our live sessions provide you with an opportunity to go over specific situations that you need help with.

  • How long do I have access to the On-Demand content?

    The On-demand content is available for lifetime viewing! Additionally, as the curriculum is updated and added to, you have access to that information.

  • Is CE included with Thrive in the OP™?

    The on-demand lesson of the AAP classifications is included in the membership fee for Thrive in the OP™.

  • If I don't have Facebook can I access the live questions?

    Yes, the weekly live sessions are hosted with Zoom, and you can join the session with our Zoom link.

  • How do the live sessions work?

    The live sessions are a Q and A power hour each week where Thrive members join with their questions. All questions are welcomed.

  • Is the Thrive in the OP™ information allowed to be shared?

    All content is trademarked material and not allowed to be distributed without the content of creator Amber Auger RDH, MPH. We value the privacy of all members and ask our members to not share anything from our Facebook group with others.

  • Can I sign up anytime?

    Thrive in the OP™ is an on-demand course, available for rolling enrollment.

  • Can I purchase this for my team?

    Yes! Each team member does need their own login information. Thrive in the OP™ is designed for the RDH who really wants to maximize their own career. Team pricing is available simply reach out to [email protected].

  • Can Dentists Sign Up?

    Thrive in the OP™ is designed specifically for Dental Hygienists. The RDH is best mentored and coached knowing that the community is private. The content in Thrive in the OP™ will create amazing changes for your practice. Your RDH will become the BEST version of themselves personally and professionally. Join Amber Auger's Newsletter to learn more about what is coming specifically for Dentists!

Still have Questions?